JB Style Lounge and Blowout Bar

J.Bentley's newest service area, and a first in Central Ohio. The JB Style Lounge and Blowout Bar builds on the latest trend from the east and west coast to offer a different hair styling experience - casual, upbeat, and more social. Meet friends after a morning workout; stop by on the way to an important business meeting; drop the kids at school and indulge yourself. Get together with friends or coworkers for a blowout party.

Dry Blowout
In about 30 minutes have a professional blowout and style.
from $25
JB Blowout
Complete with shampoo and hot tools, this service creates a lasting style that you will love. About 45 minutes.
from $35
JB Blowout Plus
For longer, thicker hair. (You know who you are!) About 60 minutes.
from $45
Private Blowout Party
For a group of at least 6, enjoy a private party in our Blowout Bar, complete with food and beverage. The room is exclusively yours for 2 hours.
Call or email Blowout@jbentley.com for pricing
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